To Catch A Rabbit – Helen Cadbury (Sean Denton Book 1)

To Catch A Rabbit – Helen Cadbury (Sean Denton Book 1) – Genre – Crime / Police

Blurb: Two young boys stumble on a dead prostitute.She’s on Sean Denton’s patch. As Doncaster’s youngest community support officer, he’s already way out of his death, but soon he’s uncovering more than he’s supposed to know. Meanwhile Karen Friedman, professional mother of two, learns her brother has disappeared. She desperately needs to know he’s safe, but once she starts looking, she discovers unexpected things about her own needs and desires. Played out against a gritty landscape on the edge of a Northern town, Karen and Sean risk losing all they hold precious.

My Review: To Catch A Rabbit is Helen Cadbury’s debut novel featuring the wonderful Sean Denton, a young Community Support Officer who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time when he discovers the body of a young women.  I loved this book and really enjoyed reading a crime book featuring a main character who isn’t a police officer for a change.  I shall definitely read the sequel Bones in the Nest which is sitting patiently on my kindle now.

About the Author: Helen Cadbury is a York based writer whose debut novel, To Catch a Rabbit, was joint winner of the Northern Crime Award. Helen was born in the Midlands and brought up in Birmingham and Oldham, Lancashire. She writes fiction, poetry and plays.

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