Who Are You? – Elizabeth Forbes

Who Are You? – Elizabeth Forbes – Genre – Psychological Thriller

Blurb:  Alex Miller, after years of unaccompanied postings abroad in the service of his country, has finally returned home to his wife Juliet and young son Ben, with the hope of leaving old wounds and memories behind. All Juliet has ever wanted is to get the man she married home for good. At last everything seems perfectly in place to begin the next phase in their married life in their smart new London home.
But Alex’s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic and irrational and Juliet suspects that he may be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of his experiences serving with an elite regiment in Afghanistan and Iraq. His refusal to either acknowledge this or obtain professional help drives Juliet to seek support on the internet, finding solace in web forums where she can safely share her innermost fears.
Unable to reach Alex, and finally fearing for both her life and Ben’s, she is offered a place of safety through one of her trusted internet contacts. She has no choice but to escape the tyranny of their home in the hope of starting afresh…

My Review:  Possibly one of the MOST uncomfortable psychological thrillers I have read so far …. and I read LOADS!  The gripping and powerful book features two extremely disturbed individuals and throughout reading this story my sympathy waivered between Juliet and Alex constantly, not knowing which one to root for and which one to dispise.  Elizabeth Forbes has an incredible skill of bringing the characters to life and leaving your breathless at the end.  BRILLIANT

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