Who Killed Ruby – Camilla Way


You never know what’s going on behind closed doors…

If you passed it on the street, you’d see an ordinary London townhouse. You might wonder about the people who live there, assume they’re just like you.

But inside a family is trapped in a nightmare. In the kitchen, a man lies dead on the blood-soaked floor. Soon the police will come, and they’ll want answers.

Perhaps they’ll believe the family’s version of events – that this man is a murderer who deserved to die.

But would that be the truth?


Camilla Way was born in Greenwich, south-east London, and studied Modern English and French Literature at the University of Glamorgan. Her father was the poet and author Peter Way. Formerly Associate Editor of the teenage girls’ magazine Bliss, she is currently an editor and writer on the men’s style magazine Arena. Having lived in Cardiff, Bristol, Bath and Clerkenwell, she now lives in south-east London.


As a huge fan of psychological thrillers WHO KILLED RUBY? ticks all my personal requirements for an entertaining, twisted and gripping story.

Vivienne and Ruby were sisters – eight years apart but little Vivienne idolised her older sister.  When Ruby was killed at the age of 16 and heavily pregnant by her abusive older boyfriend Vivienne hid in the wardrobe during the murder and her witness statement helped send Ruby’s killer to prison for 32 years.  Since then Vivienne has been plagued by nightmares and guilt over the murder and when she starts receiving notes and dead flowers on the anniversary of Ruby’s death she begins to question all that she believes.

When her teenage daughter Cleo gets abducted Vivienne is thrown into a race against time to save her daughter and find out who really did kill Ruby.  This takes Vivienne on a journey to re-examine her past and childhood and her relationship with her mother Stella.

This is a really twisty gripping thriller full of red herrings and some strong characters which kept me glued to the screen eager to find out who killed Ruby and who abducted Cleo.  A fast paced story about mothers and daughters, guilt and grief.  Recommended.

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