A Quickie with Chris Whitaker

Tell me about your latest book and why we should read it?

It’s called ALL THE WICKED GIRLS and it follows the hunt for a missing schoolgirl in 1990s Alabama.

You should read it because M. R. Carey said it’s wonderful and he wrote THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS (which is totally wonderful). The dude knows wonderful.

If someone was to write your life story what would the title be?

Is it in yet? (deadline reference, obvs)

What’s the strangest fan question or request you’ve received?

Are you related to Forest Whitaker?

I also had a Goodreads friend request from someone that gave me a 1 star review. She sent me a message asking if I’d like some help with my next book 😊

If you could co-write with anyone in the world (alive or dead) who would it be?

That’s a really tricky one. I’d probably go for Cormac McCarthy. I have no doubt I’d butcher whatever magic he’d create, but I’d have fun doing it.

Tell me something nobody else knows about you (yet!).

I’m a dreadful sleeper and average about 4 hours a night. I come up with most of my plot ideas whilst lying awake in bed.

Finally please recommend 3 books that you have recently read and tell me why you’ve chosen these.

World Gone By – Dennis Lehane

Late to the party but I’m a sucker for a gangster tale, and I’ve been following Joe Coughlin since The Given Day (a masterpiece). I gave Dennis Lehane a copy of my book at Harrogate, I think he thought I was a loon.

Redemption Road – John Hart

Everything I love in a crime novel. The characters run the show and it’s beautifully written.

Lost in Nashville – Neil White

Adored this one. It follows a father and son road trip set against a fascinating backdrop of Johnny Cash and the civil rights movement. Brilliant.

Who is Chris Whitaker? Chris Whitaker was born in London and spent ten years working as a financial trader in the city. His debut novel, Tall Oaks, was shortlisted for the CWA John Creasey New Blood Dagger and also for the Last Laugh Award.
A Guardian crime book of the month, Tall Oaks also featured in Crime Time’s top 100 books of 2016 and BuzzFeed’s incredible summer reads.
Chris’s second novel, All The Wicked Girls, will be published summer 2017. He lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and two young sons.

I absolutely LOVED both of Chris’ books – you can read my reviews here:

TALL OAKS – Read my 5+ star review here

ALL THE WICKED GIRLS – Read my 5+ star review here

Chris Whitaker


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