One Small Mistake – Dandy Smith

One small mistake. One deadly consequence.

Elodie Fray wants to be more like her perfect sister, Ada, the one her parents are actually proud of. When she decided to quit her job and pursue her dream of becoming an author, she thought it would be her time to shine, but a year on nothing has happened. And she’s getting desperate.

When Elodie makes one small mistake on a drunken night with a friend, things quickly spiral and suddenly everyone believes she has a book deal. Unable to find a way back from her little lie, her perfect dream becomes a perfect nightmare – and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Meanwhile, everything is not as it seems in Ada Archer’s perfect life. When her sister suddenly disappears, she questions everything – from her marriage, to the man who’s been charged with Elodie’s abduction. The papers say it’s him, but the more she digs into her sister’s life the less convinced she is. Ada will do anything to discover the truth, even if it kills her.

No one knows what happened to Elodie Fray, and now her only chance of survival is her sister.

Book Info: Print length: 490 pages. Publisher: Embla Books. Publication Date: 1 Dec 2021

Dandy Smith lives in the Somerset market town of Frome with her fiancé and cocker spaniel. She has an undergraduate and master’s degree in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University and enjoys all things aerial fitness, true-crime and chocolate orange.

One Small Mistake is Dandy’s debut novel and her second book The Perfect Match will be published by Embla on 19 Jan 2023

My Review.

If you follow my blog or are part of my online book club you will know I have recently started “buddy-reads” with 9 other readers. One Small Mistake is our third book and I chose it because a) it’s free on Amazon Prime and b) we fancied a psychological thriller as our next book.

One Small Mistake was in fact “one HUGE mistake” to choose as a buddy read simply because it’s too bloody good to stop and discuss midway. None of us were able to stop at Chapter 11 as agreed to chat about the story, one of us (no names actually read up to chapter 27 before she realised she needed to stop). Sheepishly we all admitted to not being able to put the book down and agreed to abandon our online discussions because we were all so engrossed. Within 2 days all 10 of us had finished the book and all gave it 5 shiny stars!

You don’t need me to rehash the blurb as it’s written above, but I will say that I absolutely LOVED this story. I LOVED the writing, the plotline, the characters, the twists, the shocks, the secrets, in fact there isn’t anything I didn’t love about this book.

If you enjoy addictive, sharp, twisted psychological thrillers and have a spare 6 hours because you won’t be able to stop once you start – then pop over to Amazon and download this book NOW.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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