Annual Bloggers Award 2018

It’s not very often that I am left speechless or struggling to find the right words, but when I received an email from Sacha Black a couple of weeks ago to say Compulsive Readers had been nominated in 2 categories for the 2018 Annual Bloggers Award I was utterly gobsmacked.

This is the fourth annual awards and as a relatively newcomer to blogging it’s an honour and a privilege to even be considered.

The two categories I was nominated for were Funniest Blogger and Services to Bloggers.  Now I think I’m bloody hysterical and often make myself laugh, but I also know there are much funnier bloggers out there who deserve their nomination, so with the advice of the members of THE Book Club I selected SERVICES TO BLOGGERS.

I am so excited to see my blog alongside some of the best and well respected bloggers and honestly it’s such a buzz just to get the recognition and in my opinion every blogger deserves a medal especially at the moment when there is so much blogger bashing.

If you would like to vote for me I will be eternally grateful, but whether you vote for me or one of the other deserving nominated bloggers, please vote now as votes close 30th April 2018.

The link to the vote is below and there are 9 categories that need your vote.Good luck everyone.