Dangerous To Know – Chloe Esposito (Book 3)

Once, serial killer Alvie Knightly was living the dream.

Unlimited cash.
An Italian getaway.
A hot new boyfriend . . .

How the mighty fall.

One year – and one very unfortunate incident – later, Alvie is homeless, surviving on meal deals, and counting her dwindling pennies.

It’s time for one last hit, and if anyone can pull it off – in six-inch heels – it’s Alvie.

But if she’s to succeed in her mission to avenge her ex, win back her money and secure her future, she’ll have to face her most terrifying enemy yet . . .

Her past.

About the Author: Chloé Esposito is the author of the Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know trilogy. She grew up in Cheltenham and now lives in London with her husband and daughter. She has a BA and MA in English from Oxford University, and has been a senior management consultant, an English teacher at two of the UK’s top private schools, and a fashion stylist at Condé Nast. A graduate of the Faber Academy, Mad was her first novel.

My Review:

This is the final book in the outrageous, rude, hysterical, crazy world of Alvie Knightly and you really do need to read these books in order to understand who Alvie really is.

Dangerous To Know finds Alvie lying low in a grotty hostel in Holloway, London one year after her killing spree across Europe biding her time to get revenge for her dead lover Nino. There’s no nice way to put this but I think Alvie is batsh*t crazy, utterly hysterical, completely ruthless, balls of steel with an insatiable sexual appetite (think Sweetpea on Viagra!)

This third and final book in the thoroughly entertaining trilogy explores Alvie’s childhood and her relationship with her mother and whilst we don’t necessarily agree with killing people, this insight sheds some light on why Alvie behaves the way she does.

There were several moments I laughed out loud, one or two where I gasped in horror and at least one where I shouted “OH MY GOD”.  A thoroughly entertaining and brilliant ending to a great series and I look forward to reading any future books by Chloe.

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