Do No Harm – Jack Jordan

My son has been taken. And I’ve been given a choice…
Kill a patient on the operating table. Or never see him again.

The man lies on the table in front of me.
As a surgeon, it’s my job to save him.
As a mother, I know I must kill him.
You might think that I’m a monster.
But there really is only one choice.
I must get away with murder.
Or I will never see my son again.


Book Information: Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK. Publication Date: 26 May 2022

Jack Jordan wrote his first novel at the age of seventeen, while was locked away inside his house battling agoraphobia. By writing about characters in the outside world, he was able to escape his own confinement. What started as a short story to pass the time, became a 100,000 word novel, and when he typed ‘The End’, he knew had had found the career that he wanted to pursue for the rest of his life.

Jack self-published his debut novel, Anything for Her, in 2015, followed by his second, My Girl, in 2016. By the end of the year, the two titles had sold 100,000 copies combined. A Woman Scorned, Before Her Eyes, and Night by Night soon followed, reaching readers around the world.

Jack may be able to leave the house now, but that hasn’t stopped him from writing, with five published titles under his belt, and his sixth on the way.

My Review:

Do No Harm is the new hotly anticipated book by the lovely Jack Jordan and will be published in May 2022. I was lucky enough to be sent an advanced copy to read and I would like to thank Jack for arranging it.

Do No Harm is a tightly plotted and cleverly narrated story told from the perspective of 3 female characters and Jack brings each of these women to life so perfectly the reader is instantly drawn in to the story.

Dr Anna Jones is a highly respected cardiothoracic surgeon at a hospital in Redwood, about to perform one of the biggest operations of her career, bypassing three blocked coronary arteries for Redwood MP Ahmed Shabir who is tipped to be the future leader of the Labour Party.

A focused and formidable doctor, Anna is also a devoted mother to 7 year old Zack and currently trying to negotiate her way through an acrimonious divorce with Adam whilst raising their son and working full time at the hospital.

Upon her return home one evening she finds people inside her house and no sign of her son. Zack is being held hostage and in order to get him back she has to do something that goes against everything she stands for as a doctor – kill a patient.

Margot Barnes is the second narrator in this story. Working at the same hospital as a scrubs nurse alongside Dr Jones, Margot has some serious issues and problems in her private life, struggling to make ends meet, haunted by a violent and dysfunctional family and having to resort to petty theft just to survive she is the only witness to Dr Jones’ actions and decides to take advantage for her own needs.

Detective Inspector Rachel Conaty is the third narrator. Having suffered a terrible personal tragedy, she is struggling at work and when a body is discovered with links to Dr Jones she is unable to separate her own demons and remain professional in this case.

Do No Harm is a fast-paced, heart-thumping, butt-clenching rollercoaster of a ride. Full of fascinating characters, moral dilemmas and a couple of clever twists, this book is a guaranteed page-turner.

Highly recommended for book lovers of action packed thrillers.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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