Every Move You Make – CL Taylor

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

Alexandra, Lucy, Bridget, River and Natalie. Five friends who wish they’d never met. Because the one thing they have in common is the worst thing in their lives: they are all being stalked.

When one of their group is murdered, days after their stalker is released from prison, time stands still for them all. They know their lives could end just as brutally at any moment – all it takes is for the people they fear the most to catch up with them.

When the group receive a threat that one of them will die in ten days’ time, the terror that stalks their daily lives becomes all-consuming. But they know they don’t want to be victims anymore – it’s time to turn the tables and finally get their revenge.

Because the only way to stop a stalker is to become one yourself…

Book Info: Print length: 432 pages. Publisher: Avon. Publication Date: 28 March 2024

My Thoughts:

CL Taylor’s latest standalone psychological thriller, Every Move You Make is out in March 2024 and I was lucky enough to read an early copy in December 2023.

The story begins with a group of five people who have one thing in common, they are all victims of stalkers. They met through a support group and have formed a close friendship and bond over the years.

When one of the five is brutally murdered days after her stalker is released from prison, the remaining four are devastated. However it’s when the group receive a threat at the funeral, they realise they have to take drastic action to reclaim their lives and stop living in fear.

All the main characters in the book are very different and in normal circumstances probably wouldn’t be friends, but because of their shared experiences they have a unique connection to each other.

I really enjoyed getting to know Alexandra, Lucy, Bridget and River and finding out more about their backstories and how each of them dealt with their situations differently. Each character narrates their own story which made this book difficult to put down as I needed to know what happens next the more I read.

The author was able to bring these characters to life in such detail, you could literally smell the fear emanating from each of them when confronted with their stalkers.

This is a fast-paced story full of tension which kept me gripped throughout. I thoroughly recommend it to fans of psychological thrillers.

Rating: 4 out of 5.