Every Move You Make – Deborah Bee

There are two sides to every story.
But only one is the truth.

A young woman turns up at a police station. She has been kept prisoner in her own home. Abused and tortured, her every move watched, her every thought controlled. Now she’s finally escaped.

That’s what she says.

But when the police arrive at the address she’s given them, her story doesn’t seem to add up. Her husband is missing, but his phone and wallet are still in the house.

She says she’s the victim, but what if she’s not? What if the stories she’s telling aren’t her stories at all . . .

Book Info: Print length: 439 pages. Publisher: Zaffre. Publication Date: 5 March 2020

Deborah Bee studied fashion journalism at Central St Martins in the ’80s. She has worked at various magazines and newspapers including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The Times and the Guardian, as a writer, fashion editor and later as an editor. Currently, she is a director of creative marketing. Her bestselling debut novel was The Last Thing I Remember. Every Move You Make is her second novel.


WOW, I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump recently and decided to read Every Move You Make by Deborah Bee as it had some great reviews on Goodreads and I needed to kick start my reading mojo.

Warning, this book has triggers – so if you don’t want to read about Domestic Violence, then I would suggest NOT reading this book as the violence and abuse is dark, disturbing, raw and brutal and there is no escaping it throughout the book.

Set in Camden Town (near where I went to school) in a newly built, very secure women’s refuge Every Move You Make centres around 3 women, each narrating their version brilliantly bringing this disturbing story to life.

Firstly there is DS Susan Clarke, who is a no-nonsense, straight-talking detective who specialises in domestic violence. When “Coco” James turns up at Camden Police station, barefoot and in a dressing gown (bathrobe), shaking with visible signs of abuse there to report a crime, DS Clarke is tasked with helping Coco and get her to safety.

Sally Ann Parton is another victim of Domestic Violence and is at the police station for a meeting with DS Clarke when Coco arrives. Soon both women are placed together at the new refuge but Coco’s story doesn’t seem to add up and as her abuser is missing Coco becomes a suspect rather than a victim.

This is such a fast paced book, each chapter narrated perfectly and adding that extra dimension of dread and fear. This is a “one-more-chapter” book, which I really could have read in one sitting. I absolutely LOVED it and it, in my opinion, is an almost perfect pyschological thriller. The characters, the plotline, the setting, the twists, the suspense kept me guessing throughout. I absolutely 100% recommend this book to lovers of dark, psychological thrillers.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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