God Bomb – Kit Power

God Bomb – Kit Power – Genre – Horror / Thriller / Suspense

Blurb:  North Devon, England. 1995.

A born-again revival meeting in a public building, the usual mix of the faithful, the curious, and the desperate. And one other…an atheist suicide bomber.

He’s angry. He wants answers.

And if God doesn’t come and talk to him personally, he’s going to kill everyone in the building…

My Review: A very powerful and explosive story which was emotionally draining and very thought provoking

About the Author: Kit Power lives in the UK and writes fiction that lurks at the boundaries of the horror, fantasy, and thriller genres, trying to bum a smoke or hitch a ride from the unwary.

In his secret alter ego of Kit Gonzo, he also performs as front man (and occasionally blogs) for death cult and popular beat combo The Disciples Of Gonzo

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