The 50/50 Killer – Steve Mosby

The 50/50 Killer by Steve Mosby is a dark and disturbing crime thriller with brilliant characters.

Book Blurb: Mark Nelson is a young police officer, newly assigned to the team of John Mackey–a highly-decorated and successful detective, and author of a bestselling true crime book based on his years of experience catching killers. Mackey is a legend in the force and it’s a huge opportunity for Mark, who has dedicated his life to his job ever since the death of his girlfriend years before.

When a man is found burned to death in his own home, Mackey’s team is thrown into an investigation that grows darker and more complex at every turn. The evidence points to a man known as the Fifty-Fifty Killer. His targets are young couples, who he stalks and subjects to a single night of torture and manipulation, testing and destroying the love between them.

Only one of them ever survives until dawn. Soon afterwards, a young man walks into a police station badly tortured and with his memory in tatters. He knows only that his girlfriend is still being held captive in the woods he’s escaped from. But the team know that by fleeing, the man has sealed his girlfriend’s fate. If they can’t piece together his experience by daybreak then she will die in his place. However, all is not what it seems.

My Review.  I had heard a lot about Steve Mosby especially his later books and being me, I had to obviously read his books from the beginning so I started The 50/50 Killer which was first published in 2007 and was a Barry Award Nominee for Best British Crime Novel in 2008 with high expectations.

Apart from the obviously sick and twisted serial killer “The 50/50 Killer” who tortures couples and makes them choose who should live and who should die, this book has some great main characters especially the young and enthusiastic Mark Nelson and the deeply troubled Detective John Mackey.

If you like your crime thrillers with tension, lots of twists, some graphic scenes of violence – then you should enjoy this book.

About the Author: I was born in 1976 in Horsforth, Leeds. I went to University there and then I spent a few years temping around, doing the usual menial and unfulfilling jobs for small amounts of money. I’m the author of ten novels – The Third Person, The Cutting Crew, The 50/50 Killer, Cry for Help, Still Bleeding, Black Flowers, Dark Room, The Nightmare Place, I Know Who Did It and You Can Run.

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