The Wives – Tarryn Fisher

You’ve never met the other wives. None of you know each other, you see your husband only one day a week. Thursday. But you don’t care, you love him that much. Or at least that’s what you’ve told yourself…

And then, one day it all changes.

You thought you were fine with this, with only having a fraction of a husband. But you can’t help yourself, you start to dig. Begin tracking them down, the other days… Who is Monday and why does she have bruises on her arms? Is she being abused? By who? Her husband? Your husband?

What else is he keeping from you?

And who is he, really?

About the Author:

Tarryn Fisher: I would like to write a novel that every, single person loves, but not even J.K. Rowling could do that. Instead, I try to write stories that pull on people’s emotions. I believe that sadness is the most powerful emotion, and swirled with regret the two become a dominating force. I love villains. Three of my favorites are Mother Gothel, Gaston and the Evil Queen who all suffered from a pretty wicked case of vanity (like me). I like to make these personality types the center of my stories.
I love rain, Coke, Starbucks and sarcasm. I hate bad adjectives and the word “smolder”. If you read my book-I love you. If you hate my book-I still love you, but please don’t be mean to me; I’m half badass, half cry baby.

My Review:

I had heard great things about Tarryn Fisher’s latest standalone psychological thriller THE WIVES and because I had read MARROW I knew I was in for a rollercoaster of a ride and a major headf*ck and I wasn’t disappointed.

Tarryn Fisher creates the most delusional, unreliable and twisted characters EVER and THE WIVES is no exception.  Meet Thursday… at first you think she’s a happily married woman, devoted to her loving husband Seth, she works as a nurse and enjoys her life and then BOOM.. we find out that actually Thursday is one of three (yes! 3) wives.  There’s also Monday and Tuesday who take turns during the week sharing Seth!  WTAF?  Let me tell you now… I have 1 husband and believe me that’s more than enough for me, no way Jose would I entertain this set-up, but Thursday has been living this way happily for the past 3 years.  The wives know about each other, but they don’t know each other, they don’t know their names, where they live or anything else except that they all agree to live this strange life sharing Seth on their given days of the week.

However, everything changes when Thursday accidentally finds the name and address of Monday and as we all know “curiosity killed the cat” or in Thursday’s case it seriously f*cks up her head and marriage as she decides to track down Monday and see the competition for herself.

Be prepared to have your head turned, your brain frazzled, your mind blown whilst reading THE WIVES as nothing is as it seems.  Another seriously disturbing and strange book from Tarryn Fisher.

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