When She Was Good – Michael Robotham (Cyrus Haven Book2)

He thinks the truth will set her free. She knows it will kill them. A heart-stopping psychological thriller from the Number One bestselling author of THE SECRETS SHE KEEPS and THE OTHER WIFE

She has secrets.

Six years ago, Evie Cormac was found hiding in a secret room in the aftermath of a brutal murder. But nobody has ever discovered her real name or where she came from, because everybody who tries ends up dead.

He needs answers.

Forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven believes the truth will set Evie free. Ignoring her warnings, he begins to dig into her past, only to disturb a hornet’s nest of corrupt and powerful people, who have been waiting to find Evie – the final witness to their crimes. Unbeknownst to him, Cyrus is leading them straight to Evie. The truth will not set her free. It will get them killed.

From internationally bestselling, award-winning author Michael Robotham, this is the second explosive novel featuring the gifted criminal psychologist Cyrus Haven, introduced in GOOD GIRL, BAD GIRL.

About the Author:

Gold Dagger award winner, Michael Robotham began his writing career as an investigative journalist working across Britain, Australia and America. Later he became a ghostwriter, collaborating on 15 ‘autobiographies’ for politician, pop stars, soldiers and adventurers. Twelve of these books became Sunday Times bestsellers

My Review:

When She Was Good is the second book in an exciting new series by Michael Robotham featuring a forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven.  The first book Good Girl, Bad Girl introduces the reader to Cyrus and Evie and in order to fully appreciate the complexities and understand the characters I believe these books should be read in order.

Following swiftly on from Good Girl, Bad Girl, Cyrus has been asked to look into the apparent suicide of a retired policeman and discovers a link to Evie Cormac.  Determined to find out the truth about “Angel Face” he begins to investigate the past which puts him and his loved ones in serious danger.

If you enjoyed the first book, then I am absolutely convinced you will love book two which digs deeper into both Cyrus and Evie’s past, shedding light on some particularly dark moments and giving the reader a greater understanding of the two main characters.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the dynamics between Cyrus and Evie is heart warming.  I eagerly await book 3 in the series now.

I do need to warn potential readers that this book covers child abuse, trafficking and grooming and whilst the subjects are not glorified or gratuitous in the book, some readers may find them upsetting.

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