Donor 9623 – Dov Fox

When scores of aspiring parents turned to the fertility industry to start families, they chose a remarkable young man to be the biological father of their children. He was a music prodigy and gifted athlete who had a genius IQ, movie star looks, and perfect health.

Except it was all a lie.

In this tour de force of investigative reporting, host Dov Fox unravels the case of Donor 9623, examining the complex forces and competing agendas behind the biggest reproductive hoax of our time. The story is dark, propulsive – and in an unexpected turn – hopeful. This Audible Original exposes the billion-dollar industry that creates hundreds of thousands of babies every year, through unprecedented access to its key players – and to Donor 9623 himself.

The 8-episode series raises hard questions about what we want when we set out to have kids – and what happens when we don’t get it. It places us in the grip of life lived with crushing uncertainty. And unsettles our deepest understanding of what it means to be human.

My Review.

Yet another FREE Audible Podcast that I listened to in practically one sitting. Over 8 episodes Dov Fox investigates the truth behind Donor 9623 who has fathered in excess of 36 children in the US, Canada and UK. A young man who claims to have an over-average IQ, good looks, sporty and athletic, musical prodigy, multi-linguistic and a degree in sciences, Donor 9623 became Xytex’s number 1 donor who over the period of 10 years fathered at least 36 children.

When some of the parents of these children formed a group to share news and updates on their offspring some alarming information comes to light. Donor 9623 is not who he claims to be at all, in fact he dropped out of college, been convicted of burglary, served time in prison and has a medical diagnosis of schizophrenia which can be passed down to his children.

Fascinating and horrifying in equal measures. Highly recommended.

Rating: 5 out of 5.