The Dilemma – BA Paris

One day that will change a family forever, The Dilemma is the breath-taking, heart-breaking new novel from the million-copy-selling, Sunday Times bestseller, B A Paris

It’s Livia’s 40th birthday and she’s having the party of a lifetime to make up for the wedding she never had. Everyone she loves will be there except her daughter Marnie, who’s studying abroad. But although Livia loves Marnie, she’s secretly glad she won’t be at the party. She needs to tell Adam something about their daughter but she’s waiting until the party is over so they can have this last happy time together.

Adam wants everything to be perfect for Livia so he’s secretly arranged for Marnie to come home and surprise her on her birthday. During the day, he hears some terrible news. He needs to tell Livia, because how can the party go on? But she’s so happy, so excited – and the guests are about to arrive.

The Dilemma – how far would you go to give someone you love a last few hours of happiness?

About the Author:

B A Paris is the internationally bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors, The Breakdown and Bring Me Back. Having sold over one million copies in the UK alone, she is a New York Times bestseller as well as a number one bestseller on Amazon and iBooks. Her books have sold in 38 territories around the world. Having lived in France for many years, she husband recently moved back to the UK. She has five daughters.

My Review:

Ahhhhh… I have a serious dilemma… I want to discuss The Dilemma with you, but I can’t because I don’t want to spoil it for you or give anything away.  So I am going to keep this brief and rather evasive, but you will thank me once you’ve read it.

The Dilemma is the latest standalone psychological thriller from BA Paris and like her previous books, Behind Closed Doors, The Break Down and Bring Me Back, it doesn’t disappoint.  In fact I think her books are getting better and more twisty.

The story is about a married couple, Livia and Adam who have been married for over 20 years with two children, Josh and Marnie.  Livia has been planning her 40th birthday party for over half her life and for reasons revealed throughout the book we find out why this party matters so much to her.

Adam loves his wife and his family and knows how important this party is to Livia, however he finds something out on the day of the party which will devastate them all, but Livia is also keeping a secret that potentially will blow the family apart.

This book kept me up all night reading and I went through so many emotions I felt physically and mentally exhausted at the end of the book.  The underlying tension throughout the story ensured I was unable to put the book down and my heart broke in so many places it was quite a traumatic roller coaster of a ride.  Highly recommended for lovers of psychological thrillers but be warned this book should come with tissues.



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