The Night She Died – Jenny Blackhurst

About the book: 

On her own wedding night, beautiful and complicated Evie White leaps off a cliff to her death.

What drove her to commit this terrible act? It’s left to her best friend and her husband to unravel the sinister mystery.

Following a twisted trail of clues leading to Evie’s darkest secrets, they begin to realize they never knew the real Evie at all…

My Review: I love Jenny Blackhurst’s books.  Each one, in my opinion, is twisty, dark and a brilliant stand-alone psychological thriller.

The Night She Died is yet another superb story which takes the reader on a very uncomfortable and bumpy journey trying to discover why the beautiful and popular Evie committed suicide on her wedding night.

This story is told through flashbacks via Evie and her best friend Becky from the moment they met at University to the moment she jumped to her death on her wedding night.

With so many twists and turns I was completely captivated by the main characters and trying to work out what, why, when and who kept me turning the pages unable to put the book down.

With a splash of the author’s dark humour, The Night She Died is a compelling story of obsession, secrets, love and betrayal.

About the Author:  Jenny lives in Shropshire where she grew up dreaming that one day she would get paid for making up stories. She is an avid reader and can mostly be found with her head in a book or hunting Pokemon with her son, otherwise you can get her on Twitter @JennyBlackhurst or Facebook. Her favourite film is Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, but if her children ask it’s definitely Moana.

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