The Stranger in Her House – John Marrs

A stranger has infiltrated your family…and now he’s taking over.

Paul’s just here to help, or so he claims—sent by a charity for vulnerable people to do odd jobs for elderly widow Gwen. But for Gwen’s daughter Connie, there’s just something about Paul that rings alarm bells from day one. He’s a little too kind, a little too involved…Worse still, Gwen seems to have fallen under his spell.

The last thing Connie wants is a stranger meddling in the safe routine she’s built around Gwen. She loves being the one Gwen turns to for cooking, cleaning and company. But the more Paul visits, the more Gwen is relying on him. By the time he conveniently finds himself between homes and has no choice but to move in, Connie is certain he’s trying to push her out completely.

It’s her word against his, though, and as her attempts to unmask him become ever more desperate she’s not the only one left wondering if she’s lost her grip on reality. But when events start spiralling rapidly out of her control, should Connie wage all-out war on Paul and risk losing Gwen forever—or has that been his plan all along?

Book Info: Print length 347 pages. Publisher: Thomas & Mercer. Publication Date: 13 Feb 2024

My thoughts:

The Stranger in Her House is John Marr’s latest twisted, twisty standalone psychological thriller and full disclosure, I read it before it was edited and sent to the publishers so my recollections are a bit sketchy (a bit like John’s books!).

I don’t need to rehash what the book is about because it’s all there in the description above, but I will tell you my personal thoughts on this story. John has done it AGAIN.. he’s created a gripping story with an original plot, fascinating characters, clever twists and shocking revelations.

This book affected me more on a personal note due to the subject matter of Dementia and Alzheimers, but John tackled this topic with compassion and sensitivity, and I was also delighted with my cameo appearance as the landlady of the Horse & Hatchett, however he did let me down by calling me a despot in the acknowledgements!

If you are looking for a book that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, keep you rooting for one character and then changing your mind throughout the story, believing one side and then realising you’ve been hoodwinked, then I would 100% recommend The Stranger in Her House.

Rating: 5 out of 5.